Beard and Stache Combs

Wildman Beard Combs: Talk about style and class, have you ever been excited about a comb before?Our Wildman Beard Combs are handcrafted in Canada .Each Comb is unique due to its Tiger Wood Scales(handles).Teeth spacing is set to allow the management of the beard. Hand applied finishes and stainless steel mirror finished teeth tips .This comb will be around for generations to come.

*Fabric Sheath included to protect your comb.


  • Small – for short to medium beards
  • Medium - medium length beards
  • Large - for long, thick or curly beards

Wildman Stache Combs: Our Wildman Stache Combs fit right under your nose, unlike any plastic comb you’ve ever owned. It’s less than 1 inch high and lets your thumb rest to the outside of the teeth. It’s very simple and completely perfect for your mustache project, even for the fine handlebar styles out there.

Like our Wildman Beard Combs, each Stache Comb has hand applied finishes and stainless steel mirror finished teeth tips.

Care of Beard & Stache Combs: Your  wood was treated with olive oil as a natural ,very safe solution to preserve the wood .If you are going to wash your comb thoroughly, you can treat the wood before you start.

Treating Tiger Wood Scales (handles): Pour a very small amount of olive oil directly on the comb handle and wipe with a cloth or paper towel to ensure full coverage, just a dab will do.

Cleaning Stainless Steel:

  • Clean with a regular soap or mild detergent with warm water followed by a clear hot water rinse ,pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Clean regularly! Be sure to clean your comb when it is dirty!
  • Please do not wait till it requires aggressive cleaning in order to restore it to it’s original appearance.